One year ago, vast swaths of Michigan’s economy were still closed by Governor Whitmer’s MDHHS orders. Robert Gordon was still MDHHS director and hadn’t yet gotten his golden, taxpayer-funded hush money parachute.

And Governor Whitmer still hadn’t flown to the Biden inauguration. Or Florida. Or to DC again. Or gotten caught violating her own orders at a bar in East Lansing. Or violating local COVID ordinances at a different bar in Washington, D.C.!

Here’s a rundown on some of the biggest stories from the last year on the Frontlines of Freedom.

  • Failing Economics 101
  • Whitmer’s Lead Water Crisis
  • Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Whitmer
  • Line 5 Lunacy
  • Whitmer Torches Her Transparency Pledge
  • Leaving Students Behind
  • Laughing All the Way to the Bank


Thanks to Governor Whitmer, Michigan had the worst recovery in the nation.

While neighboring states reopened, Whitmer kept her restrictions in place. She quietly extended her restrictions on restaurants in February, and didn’t reopen the state’s economy until July. Then, she continued to incentivize unemployment with boosted federal payments until September.

A Pew report shows Michigan had the steepest decline in personal incomes in the nation, dropping 9.5% from the second quarter of 2020 to the second quarter of 2021. Workers and the small businesses that survived are still paying the price for Whitmer’s disastrous policies.


The Whitmer administration knew that there was lead water in the pipes in Benton Harbor for years. And for years, they did nothing.

It took an emergency petition for the Whitmer administration to finally act. And when they did, Governor Whitmer failed to adequately staff water distribution sites. Instead, she flew to DC for a fundraiser, violated local COVID ordinances, and hobnobbed with the Vice President.

Governor Whitmer still refuses to declare a state of emergency. The people of Benton Harbor deserve clean water – and they deserve answers.


Whether she was ignoring her own orders at a bar, flying to Florida after telling us to stay away from Florida, or flying to DC for the inauguration in the middle of her second stay-at-home order, hypocrisy has been the name of the game for Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer has had so many brazen acts of hypocrisy that we collected them in the Whitmer Playbook. You can still order your copy today.

If it weren’t for double-standards, Governor Whitmer would have no standards at all.


In February, Governor Whitmer declared a “propane emergency” as Michigan was slammed with cold weather. But for more than a year, Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel have been busy creating an emergency of their own.

Their attempts to shut down the Line 5 pipeline created an international incident with Canada, drove a wedge between Whitmer and President Biden, and jeopardized the energy that Upper Peninsula residents depend on to heat their homes.

Despite runaway energy costs in 2021, Whitmer and Nessel are still trying to shut down this important pipeline.


Governor Whitmer’s staff set fire to her transparency pledge – literally.

When the city of Port Huron fought back against fines imposed by the Whitmer administration for allegedly failing to follow her unconstitutional edicts, it was revealed that the MIOSHA inspector who imposed the fine burned documents and deleted emails.

It’s not the first time Governor Whitmer has failed to deliver on her promise of transparency. In fact, there have been so many “Transparency Fails” from the Whitmer administration that we made a top ten list – and a video. Check it out!


Governor Whitmer’s unilateral shutdowns of in-person education took a toll on Michigan students, leaving them with failing grades and mental health issues. The Legislature provided Governor Whitmer with ample opportunity to address those issues – but instead, students got the business end of her veto pen.

Instead of putting students first, Governor Whitmer chose her teachers union allies.


Gretchen Whitmer has spent the year ignoring Michigan’s campaign finance laws and illegally raising millions above the legal limit for her re-election campaign. The Freedom Fund filed complaints against both the Whitmer campaign and her illegal donors, some of whom contributed more than $250,000. (Michigan’s limit is $7,150.)

More than 83% of Michigan voters don’t think she should be allowed to benefit from these illegal contributions. But Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson just gave her a free pass to launder the money!

Tell Whitmer to donate the tainted money to charity, instead of laundering it to the Michigan Democrats, who can then use it to help Whitmer, Benson and Nessel in their re-election campaigns!

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