The Michigan Freedom Fund fights to champion conservative principles on behalf of Michigan taxpayers. We are committed to values of limited government, increased government transparency, and the Freedoms protected by the Constitution.

We are proud to work with supporters across the state to advance conservative ideas, hold our government accountable to the people of Michigan, and protect Freedom and opportunity for future generations.


  • Budget, Debt & Taxes
  • Personal Freedom & Civil Liberties
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Smaller Government

Budget, Debt & Taxes

We believe in leaving a legacy of opportunity — not debt. It is profoundly immoral, unfair and uncaring to steal from our children’s future to finance our present. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what too many politicians are doing.

We believe that families and job providers know how to spend their hard-earned money much better than politicians and bureaucrats in Lansing or Washington, D.C. ever could and they should be allowed to keep more of it.

We fundamentally believe that civic institutions, including our churches, businesses, families and charities are more important to the fabric of our state and nation than our governments ever could be. Forcing others to do our caring for us through the tax code cheapens our humanity.

We believe in bottom-up, person-to-person caring, not the top-down, artificial “compassion” of big government.


Personal Freedom: Protecting Individual Rights

We believe in protecting the civil liberties of all Americans, in the broadest sense. When in doubt, we go with freedom.

Free & Open Speech

We believe in the right of every citizen to speak openly and freely on matters of public policy and will work to strengthen and protect this right.

Radical leftists in both Lansing and Washington, D.C., want to intimidate and limit our most basic civil liberty. In the guise of so-called “campaign finance reforms,” big-government liberals seek to create government-sponsored enemy hit lists, and want to use your tax-dollars to promote their political agenda.

We stand against them and in defense of every citizen’s free-speech rights.

Second Amendment

“Every person has a right to bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.” 

— Michigan Constitution

We believe in the fundamental civil right to keep and bear arms and will work to protect that right from those who seek to restrict it. We support the right to carry firearms — both openly and concealed.

We are constantly on-guard, knowing that the vast majority of attempted restrictions to Second Amendment freedoms originate at the state and local level.

Workplace Equality

We believe everyone has the inalienable right and freedom to work, and to go to work.

Governor Whitmer’s pandemic lockdowns and unconstitutional executive orders devastated Michigan’s job providers. We oppose the unscientific mandates that forced many individuals out of their jobs.

Because we believe every Michigan worker should have the right to get and keep a job based upon their performance, not their politics, we will fight to protect the state’s common-sense Freedom to Work laws.

We were honored to be pivotal leaders in the battle to enact Michigan’s Workplace & Equality law, also known as Freedom to Work. Unfortunately, the Big Union bosses and their political allies who are opposed to social justice for workers, are constantly seeking ways to roll back these freedoms through legislation or bureaucratic dirty tricks.

Property Rights

We believe that the property rights of all Michiganders must be protected. This includes allowing private citizens to use and rent their own private property as they see fit, while protecting the ability of local governments to regulate and enforce against abuse.

We oppose efforts to ban short-term rentals of personal property through zoning regulations. Government should not be able to overstep its regulatory authority and eliminate personal property rights, and efforts to impose limits on those rights is an infringement on Freedom.


We believe every child should have equal access to opportunity in education regardless of their race, religion or zip code. 

Students deserve open classrooms, so that every student has the option to learn in-person. Governor Whitmer’s extended school closures during the pandemic forced students out of the classroom, with devastating consequences for their academic growth and mental and emotional health.

We also believe that governments that collect billions of tax dollars annually for schools and education programs have a fundamental responsibility to provide students—and parents—a high-quality return for that investment at both the state and local level.

When our government leaders fail our children they fail us all, and we are on guard to hold them accountable.



We believe empowering families and job providers with the freedom to make their own decisions when it comes to how they power their homes, vehicles and lives—and empowering them to make their own decisions on where to purchase that energy—will both protect the environment and strengthen Michigan’s economy.

With energy prices hitting record highs, Governor Whitmer’s opposition to Line 5 jeopardizes Michigan’s energy security, and the fuel that families depend on to heat their homes and businesses. We support the construction of the Great Lakes Tunnel to protect Michigan’s natural resources and secure access to affordable energy.

We believe in open systems that encourage a diversity of choices, not closed systems that protect monopoly-style systems or limit people’s choices to those favored by the political elite.

We support reforms that empower families and job providers to make their own decisions when it comes to energy, understanding that choice and competition creates cost savings and new jobs.

Unlike big-government liberals in Lansing and Washington, D.C., we believe Michiganders can think for themselves and solve problems without the “help” of the centralized government.


Smaller Government, More Freedom

We believe that the big, intrusive, one-size-fits-all government of the past is inadequate for the challenges of the 21st century world.

The United States Constitution — and the Michigan Constitution — maximize freedom by limiting the power of government. We believe in the Constitution and the importance of upholding each of its Amendments.

When we allow big-government to enforce our values, we legitimize it to enforce values we may not share, as well. Instead of focusing on government solutions, we believe the government should focus on getting out of the way, maximizing personal freedom and empowering the people of Michigan to build the state’s future.

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