After Whitmer’s School Shutdowns, Reading Vetoes and Learning Loss, State Lawmakers Vote to Let Kids Learn

Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts Put Power Back in the Hands of Parents

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tori Sachs today thanked lawmakers for their vote on bills to create Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts that will let kids learn.

“Governor Whitmer shut down Michigan schools. Then, Whitmer vetoed reading scholarships for students who fell behind as a result of those shutdowns. It’s time for Whitmer to finally let kids learn,” said Sachs. “The legislature voted today to ensure every student in the state has access to tutors, Wi-Fi and laptops, textbooks, mental health services, and much more. Giving parents flexibility and control to address their kids’ unique challenges in the middle of – and after – a global pandemic means more opportunity and better outcomes. Wealthy families can already afford to pay for their students’ educational needs. It’s time every family has the same options.”
The approved bills, Senate Bills 687 and 688 and House Bills 5404 and 5405, would allow taxpayers to invest directly in the education of Michigan kids, through state-approved non-profit organizations that will fund new Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts for families who qualify for free-and-reduced school lunch, those at or below 200% of the free-and-reduced lunch eligibility, and families of students with special needs.

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