Ananich Must Begin Expulsion Process, Reimburse Taxpayers for Virgil Smith’s $63,414 Salary since Felony Arrest

Smith Bilks Taxpayers for Nearly Year of Pay, Benefits after 2015 Arrest for Battering Ex-Wife, Riddling Her Car with Bullets

LANSING, MI, March 28, 2015 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today demanded that Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich put his money where his mouth is, begin the expulsion process to remove Democratic state Senator Virgil Smith from office, and reimburse taxpayers for the pay and expenses Smith has racked up since his May 2015 arrest.

Since Smith’s arrest for beating his ex-wife and riddling her car with bullets from a high powered rifle, the confessed felon has raked in more than $63,400 from taxpayers, with Ananich’s implicit blessing.

“At this moment, the people of Detroit are being represented by a convicted felon serving a 10 month jail sentence for opening fire on his ex-wife’s car with an AR-15,” said Freedom Fund President Terri Reid.  “Let that sink in for a minute.  Jim Ananich can no longer allow his fellow Democrat to serve in the Senate, and he simply cannot expect taxpayers to pick up the tab for Senate Democrats’ partisan refusal to hold their own member accountable.”  

State Senators draw a $71,865 annual salary from Michigan taxpayers.  Smith was arrested 46 weeks ago, providing no constituent or other services to residents in his district.

“Senate Democrats should cut their staff and office expenses by $63,400 today, and return that money to Michigan taxpayers immediately,” said Reid.

The Michigan Freedom Fund has repeatedly called for Smith’s expulsion and serious action by Ananich and Democratic leaders.


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