Jocelyn Benson isn’t taking election integrity seriously, and voters are noticing.

That’s not just my opinion – it’s the only reasonable conclusion given the overwhelming and mounting evidence of serious election integrity problems spinning out of and around her office.

In Flint, the City Clerk botched the August primary, prompting outrage from local Democrats – but not Benson.

In Southfield, the City Clerk has been arrested and charged with six felonies in connection with ballot irregularities.

In Detroit, where elections are overseen by one of Benson’s top appointed election advisors, City Clerk Janice Winfrey oversaw an August primary where city workers were caught literally changing votes to benefit Democratic candidates.

This week, Benson provided hundreds of ballots for those serving overseas that were printed incorrectly, removing Republican Vice President Mike Pence from the ballot, and replacing him with another candidate from another political party.

Our own Greg McNeilly writes this week in the Detroit News:

“Chronic election integrity debacles in places like Detroit, Flint and Southfield have Michigan voters questioning the outcome of an election that’s still six-and-a-half weeks away. Instead of fixing problems, Benson’s typical response has been to tell voters they should expect problems and delays on election night.

“A recent survey asked Michigan voters — on a scale of 1 to 10 — how confident they are that the upcoming Nov. 3 election will be “fair.”

“The answer, it turns out, was ‘not very confident at all.’ Almost 40% of voters ranked their confidence Benson will deliver a “fair” election at five or below.”

Voters are paying attention. Good thing, too, because Jocelyn Benson sure as hell isn’t.


Tony Daunt

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund