Four days until Election Day, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson keeps the tally running.

No, not the tally of votes – those won’t be counted until Tuesday night.

She keeps racking up losses in court, as the judicial branch smacks down attempt after attempt by Michigan’s activist Secretary of State to violate the Constitution and threaten the integrity of the upcoming election.

In just the last week, the courts blocked Benson’s attempt to overturn Michiganians’ Second Amendment rights, and ordered her to reverse course on a crass political attempt to stop poll watchers from performing their legal duty to monitor the elections process at the polls.

Benson had previously ordered elections workers to force poll watchers to stand at least six feet away from the tables where voters get their ballots, an order that would have allowed elections workers to essentially block poll watchers from even stepping foot behind the tables.

At one poll worker training in Detroit, an election official was allegedly recorded joking with those she was training that they could block poll watchers from doing their jobs unless they ‘brought binoculars with them.’

Not surprisingly, the court didn’t think much of her illegal scheme to threaten ballot integrity. Benson was forced this week to settle a lawsuit over the scheme, and to back away from her illegal orders.

Poll watchers play a critical role ensuring election integrity in Michigan.

Without them, voters would be none-the-wiser to widespread election day corruption in places like Detroit, where elections workers were caught this August mishandling ballots, botching ballot security, changing votes, and even deleting votes for Republicans.

No wonder Benson wanted to keep the eyes of the public and the press away from the polls next Tuesday.

No wonder the courts blocked her again.


Tony Daunt

Executive Director Michigan Freedom Fund