Biden Energy Secretary, Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm Laughs in Motorists Faces when Asked About Soaring Gas Prices

Granholm Laughs At Fuel Prices While Whitmer Works To Increase Them

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tori Sachs today demanded answers from Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm after the former governor laughed at a question about rising gas prices in Michigan.

Gas prices in October rose to the highest level of the year and are more than $1.20 higher per gallon than last fall.

While former Governor Granholm laughs at gas prices in Sturgis, Michigan, current Governor Whitmer is working to drive those costs even higher. Whitmer has moved repeatedly to shut down Line 5, a pipeline that delivers more than 540,000 barrels of light crude oil, light synthetic oil and natural gas liquids every day. Propane prices are already expected to cost Michigan families an extra $1,800 this year and if Whitmer gets her way, prices would increase even more.

“The high gas and energy costs facing Michigan families is no laughing matter. Jennifer Granholm was a disaster as governor, and she’s an expensive disaster as Energy Secretary,” said Sachs. “Michigan residents are already paying more for their gas and energy needs thanks to Granholm and Whitmer’s failures. Granholm’s only response, apparently, is to laugh in their faces. Gretchen Whitmer’s response is worse – she’s fighting to send prices soaring even higher.”
Whitmer also proposed a 45 cent per gallon gas tax increase. While Michigan families are struggling to keep up with inflation in the Biden-Whitmer economy, these increased energy costs jeopardize their ability to drive to work and heat their homes.

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