More small business closures than any other state, a massive spike in crime, and record drops in math and reading, but “experts” blame COVID instead of Governor Whitmer’s (D-MEA) disastrous policies.

A Whitmer, Nessel and MEA-endorsed candidate for state house threatened to shoot up his school and leaked revenge photos of his underage girlfriend.

And while rising prices force Michigan families to tighten their belts, Whitmer is increasing government spending instead of providing you with relief.

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The media would have you believe that nothing bad that happens in Michigan is Governor Whitmer’s fault. More small business closures in Michigan than in any other state? They say it’s because of COVID. A record spike in crime? They blame COVID. Historic drops in student math and reading? Again, the “experts” blame COVID.

Whitmer shut down small businesses, and 28% have closed their doors for good. She closed schools to in-person education and then vetoed scholarships to help kids catch up on lost learning time. Whitmer’s lockdowns were the most severe in the nation. As a result, murders across the state increased 30%.

Yes, Michigan went through a pandemic. And so did the rest of the world. COVID was everywhere – but states like Florida have recovered, while Michigan continues to languish under Governor Whitmer’s failed “leadership.”


Gretchen Whitmer, Dana Nessel, and the Michigan Education Association endorsed Maurice Imhoff, a candidate for state house that news reports now claim threatened to shoot up his high school and leaked revenge photos of his then-13-year-old girlfriend. 

The Michigan Democrats and other liberal groups already spent thousands of dollars to promote him. Nessel even headlined his kick-off fundraiser. Now, they’re deleting tweets, refusing to answer questions, and trying to sweep it under the rug.

They want you to forget that the Left will stop at nothing to impose their liberal agenda. We have to stand up against these radicals and the dangerous ideology they are pushing at all levels.


Michigan’s gas prices are among the highest in the nation. America’s emergency oil reserve has shrunk to a 40-year low. This summer, Whitmer vetoed a bill that would have let drivers save money at the gas pump.

Americans are experiencing the biggest pay cut in 25 years. The small businesses that survived Whitmer’s lockdowns are struggling with record inflation. Prices on everything are up, and it’s crushing Michigan families.

But instead of letting workers keep more of their own money, Whitmer vetoed tax cuts and increased government spending. Families have had to tighten their belts, and it’s time our government did the same.


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