Officials in Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration admitted to deleting emails and burning government records related to citations issued to the city of Port Huron for violating Whitmer’s unconstitutional COVID edicts. 

Now, Whitmer’s enforcement agency, MIOSHA, says that burning documents is not only okay – it’s standard procedure!

The Detroit News reported today: Inspector’s burned notes did not violate record retention policies, MIOSHA says

“The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration said Inspector Matthew Hartman was following record retention rules requiring the destruction of confidential information that wasn’t included in the official case file when he destroyed handwritten notes from his investigation.

“The fact that he was working from a home office, the agency said, adds context to deposition statements that indicated he burned those notes…”

Burning government documents is a complete reversal from Whitmer promise of transparency when she took office. This instance of hiding information is just the latest in a long string of violations from the Whitmer administration, yet again leaving citizens in the dark, with more questions than answers.

Whitmer’s history reveals a pattern of secrecy:

Whitmer’s transparency pledge has gone up in flames. Michiganders deserve to know what was in the deleted emails, the burned documents, and what other documents have been destroyed.