Coalition Urges Fiscally Sound Approach to Use of Federal Funds

The Michigan Freedom Fund was proud to join the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and seven other organizations in signing a letter to the Michigan legislature recommending caution concerning the allocation of incoming funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

In this letter, the coalition outlines five principles lawmakers must consider with regards to the federal stimulus:

  • Exercise due diligence and don’t be in a hurry to accept these monies.
  • Do not allow federal funds to undermine previous policy decisions.
  • Do not create ongoing obligations from one-time funds.
  • Prioritize ideas that will improve the state’s long-term financial picture.
  • Remember that local governments and schools have their own pots of money from federal aid.

The letter also recommends four priority areas for focus if the state accepts these funds: direct business relief, fiscal stability, unemployment insurance and infrastructure.

The letter was transmitted to all legislators and the office of the governor earlier today. The following organizations signed the letter: Americans for Prosperity-Michigan, Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Freedom Fund, Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association, National Federation of Independent Business-Michigan and Small Business Association of Michigan.

You can view the letter here.