Lansing, MI – Prices in the U.S. rose 3.4% in the last month according to today’s Consumer Price Index Report. The cost of living has now grown a staggering 20% since Joe Biden became President, and a majority of Americans feel that their paychecks cannot keep up.

“Michigan families are sick of Democrats telling them the economy is sunshine and roses when it’s not,” said Zach Rudat, Advocacy Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Thanks to Bidenomics, wage growth is being diminished, gas prices continue to rise, and groceries are becoming more and more expensive. Democrats cannot keep spitting in the face of Michiganders and tell them it’s rain.”

Today’s CPI report marks the 37th consecutive month that the US inflation rate is above the Federal Reserve target rate. This marks the longest period of prolonged high inflation in over 30 years.

“Instead of helping folks combat historic inflation, Lansing Democrats are pouring gas on the fire that is the cost of living crisis,” Rudat continued. “The Democratic trifecta in Lansing has increased our income tax, they’re increasing our electric bills by $2,700 a year, and they’ve enacted policies that will take us off the map for new job providers. Michigan can no longer afford what the Democrats are selling.”

In contrast, Republicans in Lansing have offered plans that would cut taxes for Michigan families facing growing costs of living, and economic development plans that would attract more job providers to invest in Michigan.

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