LANSING, MI – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tori Sachs today slammed Attorney General Dana Nessel for her sham political prosecution after the Michigan Supreme Court blocked her use of a secret one-judge grand jury to deprive her political opponents of their right to a fair trial.

“The Democrat-majority Michigan Supreme Court has slapped down Dana Nessel’s abuse of power and ruled her political witch hunt illegal,” said Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs. “Dana Nessel’s legal ineptitude cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars while she weaponized the judicial system to attack her political opposition.”

The Associated Press described the Court’s ruling as “an astonishing defeat for Attorney General Dana Nessel.”

Michigan Democrat Party-nominated Justices Bernstein and McCormack both slammed Nessel’s use of the one-judge grand jury.

Detroit News reporter Beth LeBlanc tweeted: “Chief Justice Bridget McCormack referred to the use of a one-judge grand jury as a ‘Star Chamber comeback,’ a reference to a secretive court abused by high-ranking officials in the Middle Ages.”

Bridge Michigan reporter Jonathan Oosting also tweeted: “Bernstein: “I do not believe we can tolerate such a procedural offense.”

Prior to today’s ruling, Michigan was the only state in the nation using one-person grand juries to target citizens with criminal charges. The one-person grand juror in this case was a judge who had previously donated to Democrat politicians.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel previously made headlines after calling for a drag queen to be placed in every school and passing out drunk at a college football game where she had to be wheeled out.

In 2018, prosecutors were assembling a racketeering case against officials, but Nessel dismantled the original team of prosecutors and dropped charges to pursue her own political vendettas.

In March, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the Attorney General had to create a “taint team” to independently review documents seized from state offices during her investigation after Nessel’s team ignored warnings against using privileged communications in the prosecution.

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