Days after “Small Business Summit,” Governor Whitmer Vetoes Support for Small Businesses

Whitmer Veto Punishes Small Businesses Trying to Jumpstart the Economy That Her Orders Shut Down

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs reacted to Governor Whitmer’s veto of a bipartisan tax exemption for the purchase of personal protective equipment and disinfecting products for office work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Governor Whitmer ordered the longest and most severe COVID restrictions, which has caused the slowest recovery in the nation. Whitmer’s hypocrisy has been on full display for over a year so it’s not a surprise that just days after the governor’s small business summit, she vetoed bipartisan legislation that would help small businesses,” said Tori Sachs. “The state of Michigan has massive budget surpluses with state revenue rolling in, but small businesses are still dealing with the fallout from Whitmer’s restrictions. She’s now hoarding taxpayer money that could be used by small businesses trying to reopen.”

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