To defund the police or not to defund the police. That is the question voters should be asking candidates running for State House this fall.

Make no mistake – there is a real movement among radical Left activists and politicians to take police off the streets, and away from our neighborhoods and communities. No amount of carnage, rising crime rates, or chaos are enough to convince them police are worth having on the beat.

Many of these anti-law enforcement activists are on the campaign trail right now, hoping they’ll get your vote without ever having to admit where they stand on the “defund” movement.

That’s not right, and it’s up to people like you and me to get every last candidate on record on where they stand.

Greg McNeilly writes in the Detroit News

Unfortunately, on the biggest — perhaps the most important — issue of the year, many candidates have been silent, hoping to sneak by without addressing the big question. Others have been more vocal.

Last week, protesters blocked off city streets in downtown Detroit, declared the area an autonomous, “cop-free” “liberation zone” and demanded city leaders defund the local police.

At the state Capitol, frequent protests have demanded leaders defund the police, and called for the resignation of Lansing’s liberal Democratic Mayor Andy Schor, because he’s refused the demand.

In Grand Rapids, several City Commissioners and their supporters are backing defund demands that would result in the equivalent termination of the local police department’s entire night shift and half its investigative unit.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, in an interview with The Root, claimed she, too, supports the “spirit” of efforts at “defunding the police.”

But where does your local state House candidate stand? We won’t know unless we ask.


Tony Daunt

Michigan Freedom Network