Housing Costs and Workforce Development in Democrat Crosshairs

Lansing, MI – Democrats in Lansing are back at it with yet another plan that will increase the cost of living in Michigan. Senate Democrats have introduced a plan that will significantly decrease the electrical and plumbing apprentice ratios, a move that could reduce incoming workforces by 67%.

“Apparently Lansing is in desperate need of a basic supply and demand lesson,” said Zach Rudat, Advocacy Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Fewer apprentices means a shrinking workforce, a shrinking workforce means increased labor costs, and increased labor costs means increased construction costs for everything we build in Michigan.”

The proposal has already faced opposition from various fronts, including leaders concerned that it could increase construction costs in the face of high demand for new housing. Green energy proponents have also expressed concern that this will raise costs and worsen workforce shortages.

“Democrats cannot have their cake and eat it too,” continued Rudat. “They claim to prioritize growing Michigan’s economy and our population. But at the same time, they are proposing plans like this that make it harder to start a career in Michigan, and more expensive to plant roots here.”

This is the latest chapter in a lengthy book of Democrats in Lansing raising the cost of living for Michigan families. This term alone they have increased the income tax, increased utility rates with their Green New Energy plan.

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