Republican State House Candidate Patently Unworthy to Serve in Legislature after Telling His Daughters to “Enjoy” Sexual Assault, Carrying Water for Vladimir Putin

LANSING, MI –Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tori Sachs today implored voters in west Michigan to reject and defeat RJ Regan, a Republican candidate for state House, after video surfaced showing Regan brag disgustingly that “I have 3 daughters and I tell my daughters, if rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

Regan in the last week has also been an outspoken advocate for Vladimir Putin, and claimed that the dictator’s murderous war against Ukrainian civilians is a “fake war.”

“RJ Regan’s disgusting and dehumanizing comments on the horror of sexual assault along with his support of murderous dictator Vladimir Putin are despicable and completely disqualify him from holding public office,” said Sachs. “I’m the mom of four young girls. Every day I teach them to stand up for themselves, to know what they’re worth, and to fight back against creeps like Regan. RJ Regan doesn’t belong anywhere near the state Capitol and that is why we endorsed and supported his opponent.”

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