Lawmakers are moving to close the “loophole” Gretchen Whitmer and Jocelyn Benson exploited to raise and launder $3.5 million in illicit funds to the Michigan Democrat Party.

Michigan’s Democrat-majority redistricting commission held secret meetings, used secret memos and voted to give themselves a big raise after their work was done. Now, they’re asking state lawmakers for an extra $1.15 million in tax dollars to defend their terrible maps.

The latest economic news raises fears that the Whitmer-Biden inflation is sliding towards a new recession.

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Republicans in the state Senate took an important step to prevent Democrats like Jocelyn Benson and Gretchen Whitmer from gaming the system to launder millions in corrupt campaign cash into not-so-secret re-election slush funds in the future.

Whitmer raised millions in illicit campaign cash from some of the country’s richest, most liberal mega-donors. Secretary of State Benson ignored Michigan’s campaign finance laws and limits to let Whitmer pour that money into a Democrat State Party campaign fund that is already helping both politicians’ re-election campaigns.

The rules don’t apply to Whitmer and Benson, but Republican lawmakers are fighting back so this never happens again.


The Democrat-majority Redistricting Commission was supposed to be a model for other states – but since they started, the commission has served only as an example of how NOT to handle redistricting.

They were sued after holding secret meetings and using secret memos in violation of the Open Meetings Act. They’ve made headlines for bullying and infighting, wasted taxpayers’ money on a documentary about themselves, and voted to give themselves a hefty raise AFTER their work was already done. And don’t get us started on the maps.

Now, the commission is asking for even more taxpayer money.

Instead of fixing their many, many problems, commissioners this week demanded taxpayers pony up over a million dollars more to help them defend their bad work in court.

Lawmakers should defend their constituents and their wallets, and demand accountability from these unelected bureaucrats instead.


Michigan families are already struggling with record inflation under Gov. Whitmer and President Biden. Now, a shrinking economy is triggering fears that a recession is around the corner.

High gas costs, increased housing expenses and rising grocery prices are taking a toll. Food banks have seen a surge in families needing extra help. More than three quarters of Michigan families spent their expanded Child Tax Credit on groceries last year.

Republican tax reforms included a restored Michigan Child Tax Credit – but Gov. Whitmer vetoed that relief when families needed it most. While Whitmer claims Michigan is on the right track and this is the “best recovery” in state history, her policies are making it harder for Michigan families and businesses to survive.



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