Another day, another set of draconian, job-killing, liberty-stealing lockdowns from Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Late Wednesday she issued another confusing executive order, closing bars and dramatically restricting social gatherings in rural northern Michigan – while telling the casinos in Detroit they’re allowed to re-open.

You can’t make this stuff up – but she seems to be.

Next week there’s an important step you can take to do something about it.

This coming Tuesday, August 4 is Election Day!

The choices we make in this year’s primary races for state House and for local candidates up and down the ballot could make all the difference in determining what kind of legislature we have come 2021 – and we’re not just talking about political parties.

Primary races are opportunities for voters to decide what kind of candidates they want representing their party for years to come.

It’s a chance to choose between big-government, establishment candidates and pro-liberty, small-government conservatives. It’s a chance to choose between candidates who live and breath the fight for the unborn and those who only pay it lip service. It’s a chance to pick between candidates who meekly support endless lockdowns and candidates who will fight for your constitutional rights.

If you haven’t already cast an absentee ballot, carve out some time on your calendar Tuesday and be sure to get out and vote! (If you’re curious, by the way, who the Michigan Freedom Network supports in state House races next week, you can check out our endorsement list here.)


Tony Daunt

Michigan Freedom Network