Governor Whitmer promises to “fight like hell” to talk about anything other than her failed policies. That phrase was obviously poll tested by the Democrats because radical leftists around the country are saying the same exact thing in the hopes that voters will focus on anything other than the devastation of rising prices and the southern border crisis.

Another thing Gretchen hopes no one will notice? That she VETOED a bipartisan bill adding a statement to voter registration applications stating the fact it’s a felony to vote more than once. Then the governor issued an executive directive demanding state agencies use taxpayer funded resources to register voters by distributing vote by mail applications.

Let’s not forget about Attorney General Dana Nessel. Her former business partner and campaign donor, who is now on the state’s payroll, was before the Supreme Court advocating for the use of Nessel’s use of a so-called “one-man grand jury.”

There were several special elections for state house this week and it’s clear that voters have decided that candidates matter.

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The Supreme Court leak made plenty of waves across the country, and Governor Whitmer was quick to latch on, desperate to shift the narrative away from her failed policies in Michigan.

Saddled with an unpopular president, rising prices, record-breaking inflation, looming food shortages, a shrinking economy and a 400% increase in illegal immigration, Democrats have a real turnout and enthusiasm problem heading into November. And that’s before you ask Whitmer to explain why she ignored the leaded water in Benton Harbor for years or broke her promise to “fix the damn roads.”


Last week, Whitmer used her favorite red pen to veto a bipartisan, common-sense election integrity bill that would have added a statement to voter registration applications reminding voters it’s a felony to vote more than once in an election.

Then, Whitmer directed state agencies to use your tax dollars to “boost” voter registrations and distribute vote-by-mail applications across the state.

It’s disgraceful that months before voters decide if she gets to keep her job, Governor Whitmer is using government resources to aid her re-election campaign. Instead, Whitmer should be making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.


Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Flint water prosecution has been one disaster after another. Now, her failures have gone all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Nessel refused to use a taint team, adding years to the prosecution and costing taxpayers millions. Nessel hired her former business partner and campaign donor, Chris Kessel, to work on the criminal prosecutions.

Now, Nessel’s use of a one-man grand jury is under scrutiny. Michigan is the only state that has this form of one-man grand jury, but Nessel’s use in the Flint water prosecution appears to have violated the defendants’ constitutional right to due process, denying them access to the evidence being used against them.

By every measure, Nessel has botched this case and shown her incompetence as a prosecutor. It’s time for Dana Nessel to end her partisan witch hunt.


The special elections in Michigan this week provided a timely reminder about politics: With the right support, good candidates can win, and bad candidates will lose.

In Waterford and Clarkston, retired police officer Mike Harris easily won his race for state House. Harris’ success is a win for all Michiganders who value Freedom, and we need more conservatives like him who will stand up to Governor Whitmer’s destructive policies in Lansing.


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