The integrity and security of our elections has been under constant attack by radical Leftists in Michigan and around the country.

We’ve told you before about irregularities in Flint’s elections office, criminal charges filed against the clerk in Southfield, and Republican votes being deleted in Detroit just this August. Now comes another assault on the integrity of the election from the Michigan Court of Claims.

Late last month, Judge Cynthia Stephens ruled that the November 3rd election won’t actually end on November 3rd in Michigan. Instead, her ruling will keep the ballot boxes open for up to two weeks after the election.

The ruling came in a lawsuit filed against the state of Michigan by major, partisan Democratic interest groups. Instead of sticking with the laws on the books, the judge decided to simply change the law because she’s worried that mail might be delayed and that the coronavirus might stop voters from getting their ballots in on time. You know, by Election Day.

It’s an attack on the integrity of our upcoming election that would allow dishonest activists and election workers with a history of poor administration (see Detroit, Flint, Southfield) time to mysteriously discover ballots they might need to shift election results.

It’s also an attack that went undefended by the two individuals elected to protect voters in cases like these – Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel. In fact, neither of them is even willing to file an appeal to the unprecedented ruling.

Thankfully, your representatives in the state legislature are. They’ve been granted “intervenor status” so Michigan voters will finally have a say in the case.

They’re not stopping there, either. They’ve approved critical new election integrity legislation – Senate Bills 977 and 978 – to make it a felony for individuals and organizations to participate in absentee “ballot harvesting,” a practice partisan activists in other states have used to submit absentee ballot applications in large numbers, putting them – not voters – in control of voters’ ballots.

These bills passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate – with bipartisan majorities. Governor Whitmer should sign them immediately.

Call Gov. Whitmer at 517-335-7858 and tell her to sign the bills. Election integrity matters.


Tony Daunt

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund