Energy Agreement Protects Electric Choice

Ratepayer Advocates Successfully Eliminate Bill Language to Kill Competition

LANSING, MI, December 15, 2016 –Michigan Freedom Fund President Terri Reid today praised members of the state House for standing up for free-market principles and stripping language from Senate Bill 437 designed to kill electric choice and raise electric rates by billions. 

“Thanks to the efforts of lawmakers like Senator Mike Shirkey and Representative Gary Glenn, ratepayer advocates, and grassroots activists across the state, the language approved today eliminates every anti-choice “poison pill” originally found in Senate Bill 437,” said Reid. 

“By forcing these changes, House members put the needs of local schools, job makers, and their constituents above the profit sheets of two massive electric utilities.  They stood up against millions in advertising and an army of lobbyists and they put ratepayers first.” 

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