Enough is Enough: Fire Union Bullies Hurting Detroit Kids

DETROIT, MI, December 10, 2015 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today renewed its call on Detroit Public Schools and policymakers in Lansing to pursue every option to stand up to union bullies in the District, after teachers again walked out of their classrooms today to flex their union muscles, leaving Detroit students at 7 schools without their teachers and on the street.

padlocked_doors.jpgTeacher strikes are illegal in Michigan.  Teachers participating in illegal strikes are subject to disciplinary action, including fines and termination.

“The union bullies at the Detroit Federation of Teachers, including their disgraced former President Steve Conn, have proven time and time again that they’re more than willing to hurt Detroit kids to advance their own political agendas,” said Terri Reid, President of the Michigan Freedom Fund.

“Enough is enough.  If these so-called adults won’t put kids first, the Detroit Public Schools and lawmakers in Lansing should.  Union bullies caught breaking the law should be fired today and Lansing should ask itself—if public sector unions are serving the selfish interests of adults and using children as pawns in their political games, do these unions even deserve to exist?”

According to union officials, today’s illegal teacher strike will be followed with a rally this afternoon organized by the aptly named “Strike-to-Win” committee, exposing plans for continued, illegal work stoppages that harm Detroit children.

Union activists have shut down 10 Detroit schools this month, without advance notice to parents, locking hundreds of children at a time out of their classrooms.

Michigan Freedom Fund is a nonprofit organization run by Michiganders for Michiganders, working to advance, promote, and protect Michigan workers’ Constitutional rights.  For more information on the Freedom Fund, please visit www.MichiganFreedomFund.com.