The media wants women to be liberal victims, not conservative warriors. An article in MLive yesterday was just the latest example:

For many moms, myself included, the fight for our children’s education wasn’t about politics. It wasn’t even about Whitmer. It was about the destruction done to our kids.

The school closures.

The senseless mandates.

The devastating vetoes that stopped funding for reading tutors and mental health.

I spoke up, like so many other moms and dads, because my kids were being harmed. And that transcends politics.

Women are capable of wearing more than one hat. Every mom wears multiple hats, daily.

I have four children and work full time.

Three of my kids suffered from school closures and one was born during the pandemic – at a time when, due to policy, I had to attend every prenatal visit alone.

Like many moms I know, I considered leaving my job to homeschool, especially when lockdowns were in place, childcare was unavailable and schools were closed.

With all due respect, myself and these other moms are absolutely qualified to speak about what it’s like to have kids behind in school, the mental health issues and the impacts that closures had on working moms.

I stayed in my advocacy job for one reason: to fight for my kids and all the kids who were targeted by Governor Whitmer and her liberal allies.

Earlier this year, the Michigan Democrat Party said the quiet part out loud. They posted that parents shouldn’t get a say in their kids’ education unless they can afford private school – and that is flat out wrong. The Democrats think our kids belong to them, but they don’t.

I’ll continue to fight like a mother to protect children. And I’m proud to have you fighting alongside me.

Here’s the latest from the Frontlines of Freedom.


Michigan residents have been slammed by Whitmer’s economy. Seniors are delaying retirement. Families are being forced to choose between saving for the future, or buying gas and groceries today. Even your property taxes are going up.

Somehow, Governor Whitmer claims that Michigan’s economy is “thriving,” but her numbers just don’t add up. Factories are closing. Workers are being laid off.

Michigan is still 140,000 jobs shy of pre-pandemic levels, ranks 48th in economic recovery from the pandemic, and has recorded three consecutive months of job losses. This is not what a thriving economy looks like.


Michigan’s primary election is on August 2, and Freedom Champions are counting on you.

Request your absentee ballot today, and support the Freedom Champions in your community!


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For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund