President Biden and Gretchen Whitmer made headlines this week – not for their bloated Federal debt spending on public transportation and high speed internet, but because President Biden called her “Jennifer.”

Whatever you want to call her, it’s ridiculous that after 31 months of Whitmer’s leadership, we still have infrastructure problems in this state, and they’re getting worse.

When she was running for governor, Gretchen Whitmer based her entire campaign on a single promise: Fixing the Damn Roads. 
It hasn’t gone well.
First, Whitmer proposed a 45-cents per gallon gas tax hike.
Then she vetoed $375 million to fix roads and bridges!
Then last year, Gov. Whitmer unilaterally committed Michigan to billions in road bonds and 25 years of interest. And it won’t do a thing to fix the local roads we drive on every day.
Infrastructure in our state is crumbling. Piling on more debt for highways, public transportation, and broadband internet isn’t going to help residents who just want their basements to stay dry, the lights to stay on, and the local roads they use every day to get fixed.
It’s time for Gov. Whitmer to stop going it alone and finally work with the Legislature. Your support will help us hold Gov. Whitmer accountable and deliver results for Michigan residents.

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

Breitbart: Cuomo’s Downfall Foreshadows Potential Looming Problems for Democrat Governors Nationwide

“Whitmer, meanwhile, has faced a slew of accusations of hypocrisy for her statewide coronavirus mandates, including quietly flying a private jet to Florida in the spring and getting caught in May at a dive bar with a large group. Polling in June and July — after the incidents — showed a decline in Whitmer’s approval rating and also found her trailing a generic Republican candidate in her race next year.”
“Republican-led states that cut federal unemployment benefits have recovered the most – as the 10 states closest to 100% recovery are no longer offering supplemental $300 unemployment payments funded by the federal government.
“For every 100 jobs gained in June in states that ended the $300 benefit, the other states gained 69 jobs on a per capita basis, per an MLive analysis.
“…the Whitmer administration had indeed conducted an internal count of deaths in long-term care facilities last summer. Indications are the death toll was likely underreported to the public. But that audit has never been made public and the state claims it abandoned it before it was completed because the administration considered it to be ‘too time consuming.’”