Not only has Governor Whitmer failed to “fix the damn roads,” they flood every time a storm blows through.

High diesel prices are forcing Michigan truckers to hang up their keys, and it’s going to have devastating consequences for our supply chain.

And the Whitmer admin confined healthy foster kids to an emergency room with no visitors for weeks on end.

We have the news you need to know on the Frontlines of Freedom.


The tidal wave of victories in Michigan’s primary election are a win for every Michigander who suffered under Governor Whitmer’s extreme policies over the last four years.

These conservative champions will hold the line against the lockdown liberals and fight for lower prices, safer communities and a quality education for our kids.

We congratulate these candidates for their hard-fought victories, and we look forward to working together to restore Freedom in our state.


Whitmer’s promises don’t hold water, but our roads sure do. It seems like every time a storm comes through, Michigan highways turn into a flooded parking lot and our basements transform into swimming pools.

The “damn roads” still aren’t fixed, and Governor Whitmer hasn’t kept her promise to fix our infrastructure after last year’s flooding. Michigan residents are sick of bailing out their basements, and they’re tired of Whitmer’s excuses.


Get used to those empty shelves. The rising price of diesel is hitting independent truckers hard, and it’s forcing some of them to park their rigs for good. That’s going to have devastating consequences for Michigan’s struggling supply chain – and your wallet. 

Meanwhile, Gretchen Whitmer and Dana Nessel are still trying to shut down the Line 5 pipeline that Michigan depends on for our heat and energy needs. Their solution to replace the flow of 540,000 barrels a day? Putting another 2,150 tanker trucks on the road.

Michigan already has a shortage of truck drivers. Whitmer’s anti-energy agenda is going to drive gas prices higher, and make the disruption to our supply chain even worse.


No visitors. No play time. Children were confined and even restrained. This isn’t happening in North Korea or a third world country – it’s happening right here in Whitmer’s Michigan.

A horrifying new report from the Detroit News shows how Governor Whitmer’s MDHHS treats our vulnerable kids in foster care. Unfortunately, Michigan’s child welfare system has faced criticism for failing to protect vulnerable children on Whitmer’s watch.

Whitmer locked our kids out of their classrooms. She isolated them from their friends, vetoed reading scholarships and opportunity accounts meant to help them recover. Whitmer refused to stand up to the teachers unions’ and bureaucrats that forced kids into masks. She even vetoed funding to promote adoption.

It’s clear that Governor Whitmer simply doesn’t care about our kids.


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Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund