Income Tax Cut Presented To Governor Today Would Benefit 4 Million Michigan Taxpayers Struggling with Rising Prices in the Biden-Whitmer Economy

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Freedom Fund again urged Governor Gretchen Whitmer to sign the bipartisan income tax cut that is awaiting her signature to provide Michigan families with urgently needed financial relief.

“Governor Whitmer declared she would veto a bipartisan tax cut that will benefit 4 million taxpayers from a ritzy Beverly Hills Fundraiser while families back in Michigan struggle with the rising prices as a result of the failed Biden-Whitmer agenda,” said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Whitmer’s administration wasted over $8 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments and hundreds of thousands in hush-money for fired Whitmer cabinet officials. The state now has billions of dollars in surplus and the right thing to do is give that money back to the taxpayers.”

The state of Michigan “has more than $20B in extra revenue to spend” reports the Detroit Free PressMLive recently reported that “51% of Michiganders struggling with monthly bills as inflation swells” and gas prices have hit an all time high today. The Detroit News reported that Whitmer’s Unemployment Insurance Agency “lost more than $8.5 billion to fraud during the pandemic.”

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