Freedom Fund: House and Senate Stand Up for Michigan Residents

LANSING, MI, April 30, 2020 – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt today praised members of the state House and Senate for taking steps to end Governor Whitmer’s rampant abuse of emergency powers, protect Michigan residents’ Constitutional rights, and to ensure the voices of every Michiganian are heard as the legislature works to mitigate the damage Gretchen Whitmer’s incompetence has inflicted upon our state.

“Governor Whitmer’s incompetence and abuse of emergency powers has forced over one million workers into an unemployment system that was pathetically, and inexcusably, unprepared to handle the crush of new claims, driven rural healthcare systems to the brink of disaster, and potentially compromised patients’ private health data by awarding a no-bid contract to her political allies. 

“The House and Senate today cast votes to stand up to the Governor, rescue Michigan’s hospitals and health care workers, and allow everyday Michiganians to put food on their families’ tables.”