Digital Advertisements, Worker Empowerment, Broad Accountability Efforts Lead Initiative to Protect Right-to-Work, Favored by Voters 2-1 

LANSING, MI – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Sarah Anderson today announced a sweeping new statewide campaign to protect workers’ rights across Michigan and to defend the state’s overwhelmingly successful and popular Right-to-Work law.

For the last decade, Michigan’s Right-to-Work law, which is favored 2-to-1 by Michigan voters, has guaranteed workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a labor union, and prohibited the state from forcing them to give up their constitutional rights to gain or keep a job.

“Politicians in Lansing have barely been on the job a week and they’re already declaring war on more than 150,000 Michigan workers who’ve exercised their constitutional rights over the last 10 years,” said Sarah Anderson, Executive Director for the Michigan Freedom Fund.“Repealing right-to-work would strip working families of their rights, stifle wage growth, kill jobs, and make Michigan dramatically less attractive to new employers. The Freedom Fund will fight tooth and nail, day and night to protect the state’s workers and to defend their rights.”

The comprehensive statewide campaign will include direct voter engagement, connecting workers directly with their lawmakers, digital advertisements, broad accountability efforts in districts across the state, and much more.

The Michigan Freedom Fund works to advance conservative ideas, hold our government accountable to taxpayers, and protect Freedom, opportunity, and workers’ Constitutional rights. For more information, please visit