Freedom Fund Launches Significant New Digital Ad Campaign:
Whitmer’s Gas Tax Bad for Taxpayers, Bad for Michigan

LANSING, MI, May 29, 2019 – As politicians, policymakers, and business leaders arrive today on Mackinac Island for the start of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual Mackinac Policy Conference, the Michigan Freedom Fund launched a significant new digital ad campaign urging attendees to reject Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to raise residents’ gas tax by 45 cents per gallon.

“Policymakers should slam the breaks on Governor Whitmer’s plan to triple the gas tax and wreck the pocketbooks of Michigan families,” said Tony Daunt, Executive Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund.  “Whitmer’s wildly unpopular gas tax increase will force working families to choose between getting to work each day or putting food on the table, buying medicine for their sick kids, or taking that summer trip up north.  Gretchen Whitmer’s gas tax hike is bad for Michigan and it’s bad for taxpayers.”

            Whitmer’s gas tax hike proposal is opposed by 75 percent of Michigan voters, according to a recent poll.  Then-candidate Whitmer pledged on the campaign trail last fall not to raise the gas tax, calling accusations she’d increase it “ridiculous” and “nonsense.”

            The Michigan Freedom Fund’s new digital ad campaign will reach attendees across Mackinac Island throughout the annual Policy Conference.  For more information, or to view the advertisement, please visit