Freedom Fund: Michigan Supreme Court Puts Constitution First

Court Denies Whitmer Request for 28 Day Stay, Upholds Decision Striking Down Unconstitutional Executive Orders


LANSING, MI, October 12, 2020 – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt today provided the following statement, after the Michigan Supreme Court denied Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s request that it stay their ruling striking down her unconstitutional, illegal executive orders.

“The Supreme Court once again stood up for the Constitution, and blocked Governor Whitmer’s attempts to unilaterally control the lives, paychecks and health care decisions of 10 million Michiganders.  The Supreme Court has declared Whitmer’s actions illegal and unconstitutional, and demanded she play by the rules – and obey the law. She’s been reprimanded by the Supreme Court twice.  It’s time she listen.”