Plan Would Return State’s Surplus Revenue to Taxpayers Struggling With Inflation in the Whitmer Economy

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Freedom Fund praised Republican members of House Appropriations and House Tax Policy following a joint committee hearing where they voted to cut state income taxes and pay down municipal pension debt.

“We’re proud of Representatives Matt Hall and Thomas Albert, and the Republican members of the House Appropriations and Tax Policy committees who voted to cut the state income tax and return this money to hardworking taxpayers,” said executive director Tori Sachs. “State government has billions in surplus revenue, while the people of Michigan are struggling with rising prices and record inflation in the Whitmer-Biden economy. It’s time to give taxpayers long overdue relief. We encourage the House to pass this tax cut when it comes to the floor next week.” 

House bills 5054 and 5838 will now go to the House floor for consideration. Earlier, the Michigan State Senate passed similar legislation that would also cut the state income tax rate from 4.25% to 3.9%.  

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