Encourages House to Vote to Return Money to Taxpayers Struggling with Inflation in Whitmer-Biden Economy

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Freedom Fund praised members of the State Senate today for passing SB 768, which would cut income taxes for the people of Michigan who have been impacted by rising inflation while the state government has a $20 billion surplus. While inflation nationally is at a 40-year high, prices in Michigan have been rising fasterthan the rest of the country, even as personal incomes are declining.

“We applaud the Republican members of the Senate who voted to cut the state income tax and return a billion dollars to the people of Michigan,” said executive director Tori Sachs. “The state has a $20 billion budget surplus and recently handed out a billion dollars to just one company. Instead of spending the taxpayers’ money on more projects for Whitmer’s special interests, the Senate voted to give it back to the people. The State House should do the same and quickly vote to return this money to taxpayers who are struggling with record inflation in the Whitmer-Biden economy.”

Senators who voted in favor of the bill are: 

Senator Aric Nesbitt
Senator Tom Barrett
Senator Lana Theis
Senator John Bizon
Senator Jon Bumstead
Senator Kevin Daley
Senator Ken Horn
Senator Mark Huizenga
Senator Ruth Johnson
Senator Kim LaSata
Senator Dan Lauwers
Senator Mike MacDonald
Senator Ed McBroom
Senator Rick Outman
Senator Jim Runestad
Senator Wayne Schmidt
Senator Mike Shirkey
Senator Jim Stamas
Senator Curt VanderWall
Senator Roger Victory
Senator Doug Wozniak
Senator Dale Zorn

The Senate bill would reduce the state income tax from 4.25% to 3.9%. It now goes to the Michigan State House.
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