Freedom Fund: Senate Fights Back against Mob-Style Shakedown Scheme

LANSING, MI, January 22, 2020 – Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tony Daunt thanked Republicans in the state Senate for fighting back against a mob-style shakedown scheme that pitted Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration against small businesses and their employees in a protection racket straight out of Hollywood.

Senate Republicans today approved SCR 18, a resolution calling on Whitmer’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department (LARA) to stand down and end attempts to railroad Michigan job creators out of work using so-called “labor peace agreements.”

“Labor peace agreements’ are a racket, and they’re an assault on the ability of Michigan residents to work an honest job,” said Daunt. “We’re grateful Republicans in the state Senate are standing up and fighting back for workers and small businesses. It’s a shame that Governor Whitmer and Senate Democrats who opposed SCR 18 have decided that stacking the deck for the special interests that fund their campaigns is more important than providing economic opportunities for Michigan workers and job creators.”