Freedom Fund: Whitmer’s Latest Veto another Blow to Michigan Small Businesses

Whitmer Veto Guarantees State will Continue Paying Extra for Workers to Stay Off the Job – Follows $86,000 Hush Money Payment for Fired UIA Director

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tori Sachs today demanded Governor Gretchen Whitmer end her assault on Michigan small businesses, following the Governor’s veto of House Bill 4434, legislation to end the state’s “enhanced” unemployment benefits program, spending extra taxpayer dollars to keep residents away from their jobs and out of the workforce.
Roughly 300,000 fewer Michiganders are working today than at the beginning of the Governor’s anti-science lockdowns and unilateral moves to close businesses and shutter the state’s economy. According to the latest data, states that have ended “enhanced” unemployment payments at taxpayer expense have seen their unemployment rates fall faster.
“Governor Whitmer has been paying her own cabinet members hundreds of thousands of dollars to leave their jobs, so it’s no surprise she wants taxpayers to pony up extra cash to keep the rest of the state off the job, too,” said Sachs. “We’re never going to help struggling local businesses until we stop spending extra tax dollars to keep people out of the workforce.”
The Freedom Fund earlier this month demanded disgraced Whitmer administration official Steve Gray return the $86,000 hush money payment he received from taxpayers at Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s direction – with interest – to help defray the cost of the latest catastrophe unfolding at the state’s unemployment insurance agency. According to a report in The Detroit News, the state’s Unemployment Insurance Agency was recently forced to demand repayment plus interest from up to 648,000 every day workers who may have been paid millions in error because of shoddy paperwork delivered by the agency.

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