Nearly 250 years ago, our Founding Fathers took a desperate stand against tyranny and declared once and for all that the government should answer to the people – not the other way around.

This Independence Day, maybe more than any in recent memory, that’s worth celebrating. Today, Freedom matters. The Constitution still matters.

Thanks for joining us on the Frontlines of Freedom. Here’s the latest news you need to know.


The Democrat-majority Michigan Supreme Court ruled 6-0 against Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for her office’s use of a one-man grand jury to attempt to prosecute her political opponents, including the former governor. 

Nessel’s incompetent prosecution has cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars while she weaponized the judicial system to attack her political opposition.

Democrat nominated Chief Justice Bridget McCormack called Nessel’s use of the one-judge secret grand jury a “Star Chamber comeback,” a reference to an oppressive, closed-door style of justice in England in the 17th century. 


In May, Whitmer directed the “whole-of-government” to increase voter registration and expand voter outreach, diverting valuable time and resources away from taxpayer priorities like tackling inflation or “fixing the damn roads.”

Whitmer is once again using the levers of government to benefit herself politically instead of serving the people of Michigan.

A memo obtained by the Michigan Capitol Confidential indicates departments and agencies in the executive branch were required to submit reports to Whitmer’s deputy legal counsel on their voter registration and election outreach efforts on June 30. 

Stay tuned to future Frontlines updates on how this administration is using the government for their own re-election efforts instead of doing their actual jobs like fixing the roads. 


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