Governor Whitmer has a big transparency problem.

Over the last seventeen months, the governor has refused to provide the “science and data” she allegedly uses to make her decisions during the pandemic.

Remember when Whitmer arbitrarily banned the sale of seeds? Suggested you could catch COVID from a gas pump? Imported COVID-19 patients into nursing homes full of vulnerable seniors?

Whitmer banned motorboats… and then her husband tried to get his boat in the water before yours.

Whitmer told you not to travel to Florida… and then she traveled to Florida.

As I said in The Detroit News today, trust is easy to forfeit, and tough to regain.

Michigan families have noticed, and they’re speaking out: No New Restrictions. Now we need your help.

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It’s obviously not “science” that’s guiding the governor’s decisions. Help us hold Gov. Whitmer accountable by making a contribution today.

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund