Freedom Fund Praises Governor Snyder for Veto of HB 4344

Choice, Competition will continue Michigan’s comeback

LANSING, MI, June 16, 2016 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today praised Governor Rick Snyder for vetoing House Bill 4344, legislation that would have severely restricted competition in the aftermarket auto parts industry.

“Michigan families deserve a government that works for them,” said Michigan Freedom Fund President Terri Reid. “Like us, Governor Snyder was right to be concerned with how this legislation would negatively impact the cost of auto repairs and insurance on Michigan families and businesses and acted accordingly.”

“Choice and competition in all industries are exactly what has made our nation the most prosperous in human history. We are thankful for the grassroots activists who joined us in standing up for these key free market principles and look forward to continuing our efforts to keep Michigan’s comeback on the right track.”