Gretchen Whitmer Ends Mitigation Measures Just In Time for President Biden’s State of the Union Address

LANSING, MI – Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration announced today that the state would finally end it’s mask mandate for state employees, following the internal release of Democratic Party polling that advised politicians to ease mandates to boost their chances of winning elections in 2022.

An internal polling memo from Impact Research, a leading national polling outfit working on behalf of Democrat elected officials leaked last week strongly urged Democrats like Whitmer to end their unscientific mandates not because the science has changed but because “the more we talk about the threat of COVID and onerously restrict people’s lives because of it, the more we turn them against us and show them we’re out of touch with their daily realities.”

Today, just days after the publication of the internal polling results, Whitmer announced an unexpected shift away from mask mandates she’s claimed for years were in place because they saved lives.

”Gretchen Whitmer’s arbitrary mandates and restrictions have never been about the science – they’ve always been about politics,” said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Democratic pollsters have begun warning Whitmer about the damage her unscientific mandates are doing to her reelection chances, so she’s changing directions. Her move today proves what we’ve said for almost two years – the only science Gretchen Whitmer has followed during the pandemic is political science.”

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