LANSING, MI – Today, Governor Whitmer prioritized politics over election standards when she announced special election dates that are less than 90 days from today. According to The Detroit News, the primary election for House Districts 13 and 25 will take place on January 30, 2024, with the general election held on April 16, 2024.

Each election will have significant costs for election administration. The Macomb and Westland clerks previously expressed concerns about special election dates scheduled apart from already scheduled election dates, such as the new February 27 presidential primary date.

Historically in Michigan when governors are faced with special election planning, the special elections take place on days that are already scheduled to hold elections. By ignoring this tradition, Whitmer is making the election administration process confusing, costly, and unfair.

“This decision by Governor Whitmer is ignorant, confusing, unfair, costly, and without a doubt, politically motivated,” said Mary Drabik, Communications Director for the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Clerks can expect to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a special election that is less than 90 days out, and gives candidates for these races virtually less than 24 hours to file. There is no legitimate reason to rush this process.”