Michigan Students Suffered After Whitmer Put Teachers’ Union Allies Ahead of Families

LANSING, MI – After Governor Whitmer announced the creation of a “Michigan Parents’ Council” to “formally bring parents into the policymaking process,” Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs condemned the governor for ignoring parents and putting her teachers’ union allies ahead of Michigan families.

“Parents have every right to be upset after Democrats said they shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education, Governor Whitmer locked their kids out of the classroom, and then vetoed scholarships to help students recover from her disastrous policies,” said executive director Tori Sachs. “It’s clear that Governor Whitmer hasn’t listened to parents and it’s laughable to think that Michiganders will fall for this politically poll tested stunt.”

When the Michigan Democrats claimed that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education, Governor Whitmer remained silent. Governor Whitmer’s prolonged school closures hurt students emotionally and academically. She vetoed reading scholarships meant to help struggling readers and vetoed opportunity accounts that would have enabled parents to send their children to schools that were open for in-person learning. 

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