Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer celebrated the repeal of Michigan’s unenforceable 1931 abortion law and quipped before signing the bill, “Who would like to see me slay a zombie?”, the Detroit News reported. Democrats like Governor Whitmer have publicly decried “Zombie Laws” in recent months.

Despite her supposed crusade against unconstitutional and unenforceable laws, Whitmer signed ‘zombie’ legislation nearly two weeks ago. The bill, signed behind closed doors and announced through a press release, would force public sector workers to join a union, a violation of the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Janus decision, and any laws requiring it are unenforceable, something that even the Democrat sponsors of the bill acknowledged.

“While Governor Gretchen Whitmer may be celebrating ‘slaying a zombie’ today, let’s not forget that she just created one. For her to claim ‘zombie laws’ are a threat to our state mere days after signing one into law is emblematic of her hypocritical approach to governing,” said Michigan Freedom Fund Communications Director Mary Drabik. Drabik continued, “If there is one thing Governor Whitmer is consistent with, it is her inconsistency, never hesitating to say one thing and do another.”