Families continue to struggle with record inflation, and Governor Whitmer is really hoping you’ve forgotten that she already vetoed three attempts to give you relief.

Whitmer’s quest to shut down Line 5 and drive up your energy bills hit some choppy international waters, with a judge denying her administration’s request to move the lawsuit to friendlier state courts.

And Governor Whitmer’s Health and Human Services director Elizabeth Hertel admitted that confining foster kids to emergency rooms for weeks on end isn’t a one-time fluke – it’s a “very pervasive” problem.

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Inflation hit a 41-year high, and suddenly Governor Whitmer has another taxpayer-funded scheme to buy herself some sorely needed goodwill. Too bad she already vetoed relief for struggling Michigan families three times.

Whitmer vetoed a cut to your income taxes. She vetoed legislation to suspend the state gas tax. She vetoed relief for workers, seniors, and a $500 per child tax credit for families.

Three times, Republicans sent Whitmer bills to provide you with relief, and three times Whitmer’s veto pen said no.


For the second time, a federal judge has denied and rebuked the Whitmer admin’s efforts to move their lawsuit against the Line 5 pipeline from a federal court to a state court.

The effort to shut down Line 5 created an international incident, and even President Biden retreated after first considering a potential shutdown. That hasn’t stopped Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Nessel.

If they get their way, it would drive our energy costs even higher.


It’s infuriating. Two weeks ago, news broke that two healthy boys in foster care were confined (and at times restrained) in an emergency room for weeks on end.

This week, Governor Whitmer’s Health and Human Services director admitted that it’s not an isolated incident, but a “very pervasive” problem plaguing Michigan’s child welfare system. Worse, the Whitmer admin refuses to disclose just how many children have been affected, hiding behind “confidentiality.”

Telling us the number of kids who have been affected by this policy wouldn’t violate confidentiality – but it would show the scale of the human trauma happening on Whitmer’s watch. No wonder they’re trying to sweep the news – and these kids – under the rug.


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