Weezer. Jed Clampett. Dylan McKay. Vivian Ward. Axel Foley. Everybody’s got a favorite Beverly Hills reference. But there’s a new Beverly Hills reference that no one in Michigan will enjoy: Governor Whitmer just announced she would veto a bipartisan income tax cut for 4 million Michigan workers and retirees from her ritzy Beverly Hills fundraiser.

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Gretchen Whitmer promised she was going to fix the damn roads, but three years later, the roads have never been worse.

And right before President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, the science magically changed, and Whitmer dropped the mask mandate for state workers.


Inflation remains at a 40-year record high, prices continue to rise, the state government remains awash in a massive surplus, and the state Legislature passed a bipartisan income tax cut for 4 million Michiganders.

Governor Whitmer immediately promised to veto it. From a fundraiser. In Beverly Hills.

The Whitmer administration wasted $8.5 billion on unemployment fraud and had no problem shelling out $1 billion taxpayer dollars to a single corporation, but claims the state can’t afford to give taxpayers a break.

It’s time for Gretchen Whitmer to fly home (wonder if it’s another private jet ✈️?!), put away her veto pen and sign the tax cut to provide Michigan families with relief.


Gretchen Whitmer ran for governor on a single promise: Fixing the Damn Roads. But after three years, Michigan’s roads and freeways have never been worse.

Right after she was elected, Whitmer proposed a dead-on-arrival 45-cent gas tax hike which was followed by her veto of $375 million in extra road repair funding, and committing our state to 25 years of road debt to “fix” only a few of the roads.

Whitmer’s latest idea? An executive order to “speed up” road repairs.

Haven’t we had ENOUGH of Whitmer’s executive orders?

The reality is that the roads are in bad shape and motorists are paying the price. Combine those front-end repairs with skyrocketing gas prices and voters have an expensive reminder about the cost of broken promises.


Right before President Biden’s State of the Union address, Whitmer’s campaign pollster released a memo warning Democrats to ease mandates if they wanted to improve their chances of getting reelected.

Then Whitmer suddenly dropped the mask mandate for state workers on the SAME day she made her re-election campaign official.

It proves what we’ve been saying for the last two years: the only science Gretchen Whitmer has followed with her arbitrary mandates and pandemic restrictions is Political Science.


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Tori Sachs

Executive Director Michigan Freedom Fund