Happy Tax Freedom Day, Michigan – You Worked Almost Four Months into 2016 Before You Kept a Dime

Friday Marks the Day Michiganders Finally Earn Enough to Pay Their Local, State, and Federal Taxes for 2016

LANSING, MI, April 21, 2016 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today wished Michigan taxpayers a Happy Tax Freedom Day, on the eve of the day—April 22—that workers across the state will have finally earned enough to fully pay their local, state, and federal taxes for 2016.

TFD_Map.pngAccording to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, Americans will pay a combined $4.99 trillion in taxes this year, or 31 percent of the national income. Thirty-one states will have observed Tax Freedom Day before Michigan. National Tax Freedom Day is April 24.

“Michigan workers have to punch the clock for nearly four months just to pay the tax bill,” said Freedom Fund President Terri Reid. “That’s nothing to celebrate.”

“Elected officials run up the bill with everything from big bureaucracies to handouts and corporate giveaways, and Michigan families are left holding the tab. Now they’re even talking about another massive bailout in Detroit.  Michigan workers deserve a break.”


Michigan Freedom Fund is a nonprofit organization run by Michiganders for Michiganders, working to advance, promote, and protect Michigan workers’ Constitutional rights. For more information on the Freedom Fund, please visit www.MichiganFreedomFund.com