Have you voted?

Everything is on the line this November. No, not every office in the state – though most of them are up for grabs. Everything.

Freedom. The Rule of Law. Our state’s commitment to the constitution. Our kids’ education. The right to go to work, to make a living, and to pay your bills. Everything.

At the same time, constitutional conservatives face unprecedented headwinds. Michigan jobs were killed by the thousands by unscientific, illegal lockdown orders issued by a governor who isn’t on the ballot this fall. Rancorous national politics have voters on edge.

The polls, the 24-hour news cycle, and a global pandemic paint a difficult picture. Voters, though, get to paint their own.

That means you have an opportunity – and a responsibility.

Vote. If you haven’t already cast a ballot, make a plan, mark it on your calendar, and don’t miss your chance. The reality, though, is that each of us can do more.

Here’s my challenge to you.

Right now, before you get back to your work day or your responsibilities at home, mark down the names of five friends or family members who you’ll pledge to contact between now and Election Day to encourage them to vote, too.

You can write them on a sticky note, pin them on the bulletin board, or put them in a calendar item on your laptop. Text them to yourself. Write them on a to-do list. You get the idea.

Five friends and family members. Five extra voter contacts to make the difference on November 3rd.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. What we do today will mean everything.


Tony Daunt

Michigan Freedom Network