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House Adjourns for 2019 without sticking it to Workers via Local Transit Tax Hikes

Lawmakers Decline to Vote on House Bill 5229, a Bill to Raise Taxes for Unwanted, Unused, and Outdated Mass Transit Projects

LANSING MI, December 11, 2019 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today thanked Speaker Lee Chatfield and members of the Michigan House of Representatives for adjourning for 2019 without raising taxes on Michigan families to prop up unwanted, unused, and outdated mass transit projects.  House members left Lansing without rushing House Bill 5229 through the chamber.

“House members gave voters a great gift today when they opted to go home instead of enabling local tax hikes,” said Tony Daunt, Executive Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund.  “Michigan voters overwhelmingly opposed Governor Whitmer’s gas tax hike scheme, and they have repeatedly opposed raising taxes to pay for outdated and unwanted mass transit projects, too.”

House Bill 5229 would make it easier for local governments to raise taxes for obsolete transit projects favored by their special interest allies.  Regional transit taxes were rejected by voters in 2016, and knowing it would fail again, local officials declined to approach voters with the same proposal in 2018.  Now they’ve attempted to make an end run around voters to approve their cash grab through rushed legislation.

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