LANSING, MI – Today, Michigan House Democrats passed Governor Whitmer’s plan to keep taxes higher for everyday Michiganders despite the massive $9,200,000,000 surplus from the 2022 Michigan budget. The income tax increase imposed by Governor Granholm was supposed to be temporary. Republicans later instituted an automatic decrease from 4.25% to 4.05%—should Michigan have a significant budget surplus, as it does now. 

Michigan Freedom Fund Communications Director Dan Reynolds offered the following comments. “House Democrats successfully pushed through Governor Whitmer’s scheme to rob Michigan families of a permanent and lasting tax cut and instead give big businesses more of your money. The contrast is clear: Republicans want to give every Michigan taxpayer a tax cut, Democrats want to give Big Businesses a handout.”

Republican Senators have called for a tax plan that would give every Michigan taxpayer a tax cut and limit the ability of the Governor to fund her corporate welfare projects.

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