House, Senate Put Detroit Children First with DPS Rescue

LANSING, MI, June 9, 2016 –The Michigan Freedom Fund today praised members of the state House and state Senate for passage of a package of bills putting Detroit school kids first, building a new Detroit Public School system, and rejecting a union-backed scheme to cap parental choice via a misguided Detroit Education Commission.

“The work done this week by leaders in the state Senate and state House puts kids in Detroit first and paves the way for a brighter future in the nation’s most troubled big city school district,” said Freedom Fund President Terri Reid.  “Unfortunately, the Democrats chose partisan political attacks and standing up for their campaign benefactors and voted against children, against parents, and against teachers in Detroit.  They should be excoriated from one end of the state to the next for their hateful rhetoric and deplorable treatment of children in Detroit.”

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