Prices on everything continue to rise, and it’s just plain worse in Michigan with Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer has handed out billions in tax giveaways to corporations and Chinese Communists – but her orders devastated small businesses and destroyed livelihoods.

And Jocelyn Benson suffered yet another defeat after trying to change the rules right before an election.

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Whitmer is still “ridin’ with Biden,” and while other governors – even other Democrat governors – have provided their residents  with financial relief, Whitmer vetoed tax cuts for Michigan families three times.

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Over the course of her career in the legislature, Gretchen Whitmer voted to hand $4.5 billion from taxpayers to big corporations. If that weren’t enough, since becoming governor Whitmer has continued the taxpayer-funded handouts, including $715 million in incentives for Gotion, Inc., whose billionaire chairman has deep ties to the Chinese communist party.

Meanwhile, more than a third of Michigan’s small businesses were shut down by Whitmer’s arbitrary pandemic orders, and we lead the nation in small business closures.

Our recovery continues to trail other states. Instead of handing out billions to communists and corporate special interests, Whitmer should focus on making Michigan a better place for everyone to succeed.


The Court of Claims rejected Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s attempt to change the rules for poll watchers and election challengers. It’s a victory for election integrity, and the latest in a string of defeats for Benson (and her lawyer, Attorney General Dana Nessel).

Previously, Benson was rebuked by the courts for illegally instructing clerks to “presume” the validity of absentee ballot signatures. A judge shut down Benson’s ban on the open carry of guns at polling locations, and a federal court rejected her attempt to toss a lawsuit over her failure to remove dead people from Michigan’s voter rolls.

To ensure fair and secure elections, let’s make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. That begins with following the law.


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