Lansing, MI – With a slim Democrat majority in the Legislature, Democrat legislators have surrendered their autonomy and allowed Michigan’s labor unions to dictate the legislative agenda being pushed through both chambers.

What is motivating the Democrats’ efforts to jam through pro-union, anti-worker legislation? As the saying goes, follow the money. A report in Bridge Magazine details that between January 1st and April 20th unions’ political donations reached the campaign accounts of Democrat lawmakers and Governor Gretchen Whitmer at an unprecedented pace, to the tune of $648,500. Union bosses are seemingly rewarding Democrats for the repeal of Michigan’s Right to Work laws, which robbed workers of the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union.

Democrats are moving labor bills through committees and chambers at a rapid pace. Including the repeal of Right to Work, Democrats have introduced nearly 50 bills this year that give more power to unions. These bills force memberships, harass public sector employees, and ultimately benefit corrupt union bosses. Here are some examples:

  • SB 169: Forces public sector employees to provide personal contact information (home address, and personal email and phone number), employment status, and wages to a union of the employer’s choice. Under a 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, public sector employees cannot be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. If SB 169 becomes law, union bosses will have the personal cell phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses of public employees, and will use this information to harass employees and apply pressure to join a union and pay union dues. Additionally, given the sexual assault allegations against former union boss, Jonathan Byrd, this bill raises concerns that personal contact information may be used by corrupt union bosses to harass and intimidate employees.
  • HBs 4354 and 4355: Removes the ability for school superintendents to “place teachers where they’re best suited for, or where they’re best (and) most qualified for” according to Bridge Magazine. Schools would have less control over their staff, and unions would have greater control over the framework of teacher evaluations, which raises concerns about unions prioritizing teachers over students.
  • HBs 4230 and 4234: Allows unions to automatically deduct wages from workers’ paychecks and direct the deduction to a union’s PAC. When The Detroit News asked if the bill would boost fundraising for Democrat candidates, the bill sponsor, Rep. Tsernoglou said, “I think it will benefit labor unions and the issues that they support and that they advocate for.”
  • HB 4235: Makes union dues for public and private sector workers tax refundable. This reimbursement of union dues would be paid for by all Michigan taxpayers, union and non-union alike.

“It’s clear that union bosses are in total control of the Michigan Legislature. Rather than do what is best for Michigan families, small business owners, and our economy, Democrats in Lansing instead put union bosses first.” said Michigan Freedom Fund Communications Director Mary Drabik. Drabik continued, “With each new day comes a new bill that benefits not hardworking Michiganders, but the union bosses who donate to Democrat campaigns.”